Coaches Notes

Allow 40 Minutes
  • If uneven amount of members, one group can triple up.
  • If Partner A needs a different weight Than Partner B for Power Clean bar they hold until partner is off rower and picks up their own bar.
  • That 3rd partner can use their own rower to switch every 250m and hold bar.
  • 3rd Partner Adds their reps to total (Row 750, PC 40, 150DU/SU, 70 WB,Row 750
  • If 3 on a team 2 are working and rest at same time on PC, DU/SU, WB
(Power Clean Bar) - Bar does not touch ground until complete the full 1500m row. Hand off the bar. If bar touches ground before finish 1500m, 5 burpee penalty each time bar is put down paid when row is complete.
POWER CLEAN- Choose a Challenging Weight (i.e 135/95)Touch and Go, if rest bar on ground before 5 reps is complete 5 Burpee penalty paid immediately.
PIGGY BACK - Can put down and rest, or if no piggy back carry a heavy sandbag together
WALLBALL- each dropped ball = 5 Burpee Penalty for each person every time the ball touches the ground before all 140 are completed. Burpees done immediately. Can Hold Ball, Hand off, etc.

Warm up 1

5 Minutes - Dynamic Warm Up


Warm Up Power Clean

WOD 1 - Saturday Partner

(See Coaches Notes for Details)
Row 1500m - Partner A Rows 250 - Partner B Holds Bar
80 Power Clean - Switch Every 5 Reps - "Touch & Go"
200m Piggy Back - 100m Each - (If Raining 300 DU/SU - Switch Every 30)
140 Wall Ball - Switch Every 10 Reps
Row 1500m - Partner A Rows 250 - Partner B Holds Bar

Scaling Options

RX- As Written
Scaled- Can Drop Bar and Wall Ball, no Burpee Penalty
Reps- Decrease
Power Clean: KB Deadlift (Trial), Hang Power Clean, Scale Weight Accordingly or use DB
Wall Ball: Scale reps, Lighter ball, focus on squat not height.