CF Warm up 1

20 JJ
10 Air Squats
10 Kossack Squats (5 Each leg)
5 Sandbag/Dball Squat (light)


Back Squat - 6 Minutes To Get To Weight from Rack
Farmer Carry- Set up with 2 DB, use cones for Markers
Sandbag Hold: Place Near Squat rack

CF WOD 1: - 12/14/2018 - Friday

Every 6 Minutes for 30 Minutes:
10 Back Squat Rx 50% Rx+ 60% 1Rm (From Rack, share if needed)
200' Farmer Carry Rx 55/40 Rx+ 65/50
60 Sec Sandbag/Dball Hold Rx 80/60 Rx+ 100/70

Back Squat: weight
Farmer Carry: weight
SB Hold: weight

CF Coaches Notes

WOD: 30 Minutes (run 5, 6 minute Intervals on clock)
Back Squat: use all racks (9), some can share if close in weight, if possible everyone starts with squat then moves on to work.
Farmer Carry: move Assault Bikes and walk between Blue Wall To Blue Wall, 50' each way, mark with cones
Sandbag: leave by Squat rack