CF Warm up 1

"20 Minutes"
Dynamic Stretch
CrossOver Symmetry
1 Rounds of:
15A 15T 15Y - 1 round
Beginner (Purple) Intermediate (Yellow)
Focus on going slow, holding each rep for a moment and NOT Shrugging
3 Rounds of:
2 Turkish Getup (each Side) AHAP
4 Windmill w/ Plate "SLOW"
8 Single Leg RDL w/ KB or DB used for Turkish Get Up

CF WOD 1: - 12/25/2017 -Monday LinchPin

For Time: (Score is Total Time - Including Rest)
Assault Cal Rx 17/13 Rx+ 20/15
10 Dips Rx Matador Rx+ Rings
20 Sandbag/Dball Clean (Over Shoulder) Rx 70/40 Rx+ 100/70
10 Dips Rx Matador Rx+ Rings
Assault Cal Rx 17/13 Rx+ 20/15
REST 5 Minutes - Repeat

14/10 Cal - No Assault Bike, Schwinn or Row
Dips: Box, bench
DBall Clean: Reps (15,10) Choose moderate weight

CF Coaches Notes

WOD: Goal is to complete each round in 5 Min or Less (equal to the rest)
  • Go Hard right from start on the Assault Bike, this will get "Watts" up quickly, helping to get through the calories quickly
  • Sandbag Clean, find a rhythm and stick to it, try not to squat to much when picking up, "Hinge" and use your hips to get it over your shoulder, NOT your arms.
  • DO NOT short your rest. Use entire 5 Minutes.

Fundamentals Coach Notes

Discussion: Leave the EGO at the Door
- Welcome to CrossFit Mahwah! - LOG IN at Whiteboard
- Mechanics – Consistency - Intensity
- "Relentless on Better Movement"
- Who are we?
- Why are you here?
Work on Squat, Front & OH Squats

Fundamentals Warm Up

Assault Bike- Tabata

Fundamentals Skill

Teach & Review
Air Squat - Front Squat - Back Squat - OH Squat

Fundamentals WOD - Fundies Day 1 (CrossFit Mahwah)

12:00 AMRAP of:
o Airdyne .2 miles or Run 200m
o 7 Sit-Ups
o 9 Air Squats